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The success of Northland Chemical is based on three guiding principles: make formulas that outperform other products at getting the job done, excel at customer service, and deliver our products fast. We continue to develop formulas that provide a safer, cleaner workplace. There has been a lot of talk about “green”, but there are as many definitions of green as there are shades of paint in a hardware store. As much as we believe in “green” concepts, we believe we can make more of a difference pursuing a broader philosophy of sustainability.  That concept touches more than just a formula; it take into account how we run our business, the packaging we use, how we manage our transportation as well as the chemistry we provide.  When we talk about sustainability we are really talking about three key practices: reduce, recycle and reuse. Let’s look at the category of aerosols as it relates to those three initiatives.

REDUCE:  One can of aerosol glass cleaner and similar foaming products will clean as many square feet as five gallons of a ready-to-use product commonly found on shelves in grocery, hardware and convenience stores. Using one can of aerosols reduces the amount of water needed in the formula, the amount of energy needed to transport that product from origin to final destination and it reduces the amount of by-product that enters the waste stream.

RECYCLE:  The entire aerosol can is recyclable. An empty aerosol can is not considered hazardous household waste. There are over 5,300 communities that recycle aerosols along with soda cans and other steel containers. Annually there are enough aerosol cans recycled that could build 160,000 automobiles in Detroit.

REUSE:  98% of the propellants used in our aerosol cans come from renewable resources. Unlike a recycled plastic container that needs a certain amount of plastic resin to be used again, recycled cans do not lose any structural integrity when being formed for use again. The maximum amount of post-consumer waste is used in the plastic components that allow for the safe and consistent performance of the pressurized can.

America is a great country where we have many choices in the products we use. Ask yourself these important questions: Is there a more effective product to clean with? Are there healthier and safer products I can use? Can I make a positive impact on the environment? In answering these questions, we ask that you try Northland Chemical’s products today and experience the difference for yourself!

Try our quality chemicals on a 100% money back guarantee. If not completely satisfied within 30 days, call us toll free at 800-370-6490 for a refund or a replacement.  We thank you for your business and we look forward to working with you in the future!


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