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Dyna Shine Heavy Duty Plant Degreaser

A semi-viscous, high-alkaline cleaner, designed to remove tough grease and carbon deposits.


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Dyna Shine was carefully formulated to be used on many surfaces in food processing areas to quickly remove all types of animal fats and associated soils.  Dyna Shine produces a clinging foam which rapidly emulsifies and removes animal fats, grease, vegetable oils, animal blood and other problem soils.  Rinsing of all hard surfaces such as floors, walls, and equipment will leave them odorless and film free.  Packaged in 4-1 gallon cases.

Uses & Benefits

  • Very versatile – Works well in both hot and cold water through a variety of application equipment.
  • Efficient – Fast emulsification of grease, blood and fatty soils provides quick clean up at reduced labor hours.
  • Clinging foam allows easy cleaning of vertical surfaces.
  • Excellent for meat markets, canneries, dairies, rendering plants, food processing plants, meat packing plants, fish, poultry and egg processing plants and bakeries.
  • Formulated to meet USDA guidelines for food service environments.


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