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Melt Down Calcium Chloride (35lb Pail)

The fastest, most effective ice melt that works to -40°F.

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Melt Down goes three times farther than the competition and is non-toxic and biodegradable. 100% guaranteed to be the BEST!  Calcium Chloride is 100% pearlized calcium chloride that is the fastest, most effective ice melt that works to -40°F. Packaged in 35lb pails.

Uses & Benefits:

  • Safe – Will not harm grass, shrubs, carpets or concrete (when used according to directions).
  • Clean – Leaves no messy residue on sidewalks or floors.
  • Fast – Melts ice fast, to -25°F!  This penetrating formulation is powerful, yet safe.
  • Patented – 100% solubility, no slushy mess to refreeze.


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