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Peroxy Plus RTU

Using the power of hydrogen peroxide along with soil removing surfactants this unique blend cleans what others can’t.

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Peroxy Plus RTU is a ready to use,fast acting, and hard-working detergent.  It uses the stain removing power of hydrogen peroxide combined with a heavy-duty soil removing surfactant blend to clean just about any surface.  Use it on grout, floors, walls, equipment, countertops, appliances and all other water safe surfaces to clean and degrease.  Peroxy Plus can even be used on carpets to de-stain and clean.  Packaged in 12 quart cases cases.

Uses & Benefits:

  • Pleasing citrus fragrance
  • Concentrated – use from  1 ounce to 12 ounces per gallon
  • Contains the stain removing power of hydrogren peroxide
  • Great for carpets, grout, shower walls and other organic stain-prone areas


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