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Sani-Flush Toilet Bowl and Urinal Cleaner

Pleasantly scented. Hospital grade.

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Sani-Flush is a pleasantly scented hospital grade disinfectant cleaner containing 9% hydrogen chloride, detergents, and four quaternary germicides that quickly remove the most stubborn rust, bacteria, scale, stains, water minerals, and urine salts.  Broad spectrum activity and organic soil tolerance allow this product to clean, descale, deodorize and disinfect in one easy step.  Sani-Flush is a ready to use extra thick formulation that means versatility in cleaning toilets, urinals, shower stalls, drinking fountains, etc.  Packaged in 12 quart cases and 55 gallon drums.  Contact the office for more information on 55 gallon drums.

Uses & Benefits:

  • Pleasant to use because of lower acid level.
  • No harsh acidic fumes.
  • Inhibited to protect plumbing and fixtures.
  • Will not harm septic tank action.
  • Extra thick formula


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